Committee for the Defence of Artisan Food

The Committee for the Defence of Artisan Food was set up in Scotland in 2017. Its purpose is to “support and defend small businesses and artisans producing real, healthy, small-scale foods against any arbitrary, unreasonable, disproportionate actions by food and/or public health authorities.”
The committee was set up in response to the Errington case, but also to counter a more generalised threat to small-scale, artisan food production. There is mounting concern all around the world that the future of artisan food is under threat from the imposition of an industrial food system, wrapped up in the language of health protection.
The Committee for the Defence of Artisan Food is one of the least bureaucratic committees you will ever encounter. We don’t hold AGMs or have a treasurer’s report. We do organise and raise public awareness in response to a threat to a local artisan. We have had enquiries from all over the UK, Ireland, and as far away as Australia asking if people in other places can join in. Our response is that the CDAF is a concept to be shared by people anywhere and everywhere to mount a defensive campaign around any local small producer who is under attack.
The idea is that local people group together to support any beleaguered producer whom they value, so giving them the heart and support to carry on in the face of adversity.
So please, do steal the CDAF name and do your own thing locally. And, of course, please keep us in the loop about what you’re up to so we can all share ideas, materials, resources, experience, and calls for action either on this website, or on Twitter @CDArtisanFood.
You’ll find the list of our founding committee members below.
We envisage that the exact mix of members on CDAF groups will be fluid and variable, depending on the local issue in question.

Founding members of CDAF, as of January 2017

  • Wendy Barrie, Director Scottish Food Guide/Scottish Cheese Trail, writer/cook
  • Fred Berkmiller, Chef proprietor, L’escargot Bleu & L’escargot Blanc restaurants
  • Joanna Blythman, journalist and author
  • Pamela Brunton, chef/co-owner, Inver Restaurant, Argyll
  • Jeremy Dixon, fine food restaurant supplier
  • Rachel Hammond, Butcher/Charcutier
  • Ben Reade, Chef, Edinburgh Food Studio
  • Donald Reid, Lecturer in Gastronomy/Food and Drink Editor, The List
  • Alex Renton, journalist and author
  • Caroline Rye, Chair of Slow Food Edinburgh
  • Christopher Trotter Fife Food Ambassador and writer